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Welcome to Conneaut Cyber Academy

Conneaut Cyber Academy Logo

Our goal at the Conneaut Cyber Academy is to provide a well-rounded education for any Conneaut School District student who needs online learning to be part of their schedule. Whether that means you're a full time online learner who never steps foot in a building or a high school or middle school student who needs an online course due to scheduling conflicts with in-person course offerings, we can accommodate. Students in Conneaut Cyber Academy can still participate in all home building extracurricular activities including athletics, band, dances, assemblies, and more. Additionally, all students in Conneaut Cyber Academy can attend Crawford Tech once accepted to one of their programs.

Cyber Students

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and supportive environment where all acquire the skills to become productive citizens of a globally connected society.

Vision Statement

A community where all recognize and fulfill their unique potential to contribute to a globally connected society.