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The Conneaut Cyber Academy, or CCA, has been around since 2010 when Troy Messerall and Herb Bossard taught one student who needed an elective (computer course) and a Math course to graduate on time to join the military. The next year we said we'll allow a small handful of students to join, but more than a dozen did. The Cyber Academy continued to grow exponentially until we became what we are today. We've expanded to include a Special Education department of the Academy as well as numerous new electives.

Our goal here at the CCA is to provide a well-rounded education for any Conneaut School District student who needs online learning to be part of their schedule. Whether that means you're a full time online learner who never steps foot in a building or a high school or middle school student who needs an online course due to scheduling conflicts with in-person course offerings, we can accommodate.

The Conneaut Cyber Academy offers two Cyber Lounges in case your need hands on help with your learning or troubleshooting your school-issued device. We also offer full-time cyber teachers who are available during the day to help with anything related to online learning. Most of our staff have over a decade of experience in teaching online.

Please feel free to check out our course catalog and fill out our form to request more information about the Cyber Academy.