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Conneaut Cyber Academy Enrollment Information

Need more information before deciding?

Click here to request more information regarding the Conneaut Cyber Academy.

Already a Conneaut School District student?

Ready to enroll and you're already a student in the Conneaut School District? Then simply contact Mr. Messerall ( via email to start the enrollment process. You may also call (814) 683-5900 ext. 5270. Enrollment turnaround is usually within 24-48 business hours.

Not a Conneaut School District student yet but would like to enroll?

If you live within the Conneaut School District boundaries, you can enroll with our Cyber Academy at any time. Please contact Diane Reynolds, our Registration Secretary, at (814) 683 - 5900 ext. 4971 or email her by clicking here. You can set an appointment up to register Monday - Friday.

When registering you will need the following documents with you:

  • Proof of age (original birth certificate or notarized copy is acceptable)
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of residency (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.)
  • Any type of court papers, such as guardianship or a custody order, be sure to take those to your school office if you do not have them with you today.  We want to honor any special arrangements for your student, and need to have those in writing.

Please take care to complete and sign each sheet provided at the Enrollment Office upon arriving to your scheduled appointment, making sure that you indicate if your child currently has an IEP or if they have previously been a student of this district.  Let the registration secretary know if your student will be getting on the bus somewhere other than your home address so that she can notify the bus company.  Individual building packets will also be distributed by the District’s Enrollment Office,  please complete and return these to the building of attendance upon the student’s first day of school. You may receive additional paperwork from your school once your child has enrolled.

Already enrolled but you need the Cyber Agreement Form? No problem! Print this and return it to Mr. Messerall.